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i am not recast friendly. i support original art and am proud of it. please tell me if anything on my blog is a recast thanks! :3

MY EUDORA IS HERE AND I HAVE NO LIGHT (So my apologies for the craptastic pics lol I’ll take better ones tomorrow!!!)

I’ve decided that its a he, and he’s HUGE compared to my Ada! If she wasn’t in pieces right now(omg don’t even get me started on that, I’m so distressed about that…) I would take pics showing the size difference lol He stands like an absolute rock though! The blushing is gorgeous, but really dark??? I like it though! :3 I also didn’t know the wings were sculpted differently? Its weird, and tripped me out at first lol

What should his name be? I have no idea Dx

Also, PLEASE EXCUSE MY MESSY TABLE. OMG. I’ve been working on stuff… And apparently it included catnip, bahaha.

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